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January 2021

2021- Wow!  The sound of this new year (2021) has a different ring to it.  It signals the opportunity for new beginnings.  We have come through a very challenging year.  This is our chance to take hold of opportunities in this year and focus on charting a new direction.  I hope you are also interested in taking on the challenge of moving forward with hope and anticipation.  Together we can make a difference for kids.  The word Carpe Diem means to “Seize the Day”.  Let’s look forward.

One of the most important adjustments that can be made is the strengthening of relationships.  We are looking forward to being in-person in the very near future.  I am thankful for all the time and energy our teachers/staff have given to keep students learning and growing during the pandemic.  Our board is convening on January 19th.  We will be reviewing data and planning for “In-Person” learning.  

As part of the data gathering, I will be talking with each of you next week.  Our Re-opening plan includes phases.  Our next phase will be to have K-3 return to school part-time and continue on-line part-time.  The older grades will continue to work remotely for the time being.  

We are interacting with Snohomish County Health Department each week and I am interacting with all the superintendents in Snohomish County on a weekly basis as well.  Our goals have always been prioritized around  Student/Staff/community safety and effective learning.  These will continue to be our priorities.

It is my hope that trends will continue to stabilize and our students will soon be working in-person.  Happy New-Year!  I trust that everyone in your family is staying healthy and looking forward to new beginnings as we anticipate getting back together.

Brad Jernberg


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