Ms. Colleen Moore

September 2021    

It is good to be back this year once again coming out of retirement to help my students achieve, overcome challenges and learn how they learn best. For new students in our school, if parents have concerns, please reach out to me to discuss any concerns you have. You may not have any right away, so feel free to reach out throughout the year with any questions. I may be able to offer suggestions that will enable your child to try a trick or two that works for him.

My husband and I had a very busy summer. We drove our car to Scottsdale AZ, stopping at the Grand Canyon meeting up with my son and his family, staying a couple of days in Sedona, visiting our niece in Scottsdale, and then heading to a resort in Las Vegas joining our son and his family one more time for a few days. A minor accident leaving town, (hitting a semi-trailer tire remnant) caused us to extend our stay in Vegas but we were still able to make it home in time to host a family get together of cousins, some who had never met each other. I spent some time in Spokane with my family clearing out my mom’s house and still have many trips to make.

I look forward to seeing everyone again.

Colleen Moore

Special Education Teacher

Phone (360)793-1330 E-mail Hours Mailing Address P.O. Box 237 Physical Address 436 Index Ave., Index, WA 98256
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