Ms. Hansen’s 5-6-7-8

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Do you remember seeing this on a field trip?

Where did we go?

What else did we see?

Who was our special guest guide?

What was the purpose of our trip?

Please email a description of your field trip memory

to the email below.


Some Things Have Changed and…

Some Things Remain the Same

     Although the year is not going as we had planned, I hope you are taking this opportunity to reflect on what we have done together as a class this year. Remember when we talked about how everyone has things going on in their lives that others may not be aware of–happy times and celebrations as well as disappointments and struggles? Each of you showed patience, compassion and caring attitudes when we discussed how we could help each other out by being a friend and listening with empathy. As you shared your personal goals and dreams, we shared a common purpose in supporting each other as classmates. Even though circumstances have changed with this virus affecting our lives, just remember: we are still a class–a team of unique individuals who can continue to learn and grow together. Let’s keep helping one another with encouraging words and a spirit of moving ahead together!

Ms. Hansen

~Students and Families ~

Please watch for a continuous learning plan in every Thursday packet delivery. Expect to see a daily schedule that includes reading and language arts, writing, math, and science as well as interdisciplinary choice projects about topics of special interest to you. I will do my best to make expectations clear and uncomplicated. Also look for special opportunities for “outside of the box” experiences. I also welcome your ideas and value any feedback you would like to give.

Online Resources we are using include:

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