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Parent Group

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Harnessing the Power of Volunteers
Shrinking budgets. Increasing class sizes. Government mandates. The challenges of delivering quality education are daunting. There is help. It’s the Parent Teacher Group.

Find just one parent in your school to take the lead, and before you know it, there will be a group of dedicated parents doing what they do best: providing resources, student activities, and programs to all our students and families.

Homemade Playdough 

Recipe by Living Well Mom at
Less-crumbly, less-junk, and more fun, this homemade playdough recipe can be made in less than 10 minutes!

1 cup flour
1 cup water
2 teaspoons cream of tarter
1/3 cup salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
food coloring

1. Mix together all the ingredients, except the food coloring, in a 2 quart saucepan.
2. Cook over low/medium heat, stirring.  Once it begins to thicken, add the food coloring.
3. Continue stirring until the mixture is much thicker and begins to gather around the spoon.
4. Remove the dough onto wax paper or a plate to cool.
Store in a ziplock bag or sealed container.


Bake Sale Guidelines

Bake sales are designed primarily to raise money for non-profit organizations through the sale of home-baked food items. Private homes are not licensed and therefore not subject to inspection. Baked items must be prepared and individually wrapped in a sanitary manner. Food that is notpotentially hazardous may be included in a bake sale.
Baked goods that are approved for sale include any of the following;

*Cookies, Bars, and Brownies
*Bread or Buns
*Sweet Dough Bakery Items (i.e. Doughnuts)
*Fruit Pies
*Cakes or cupcakes
*Pre-packaged foods such as granola bars or juice boxes
The following foods are NOT permitted to be sold at bake sales;
*Cream Puffs
*Cakes or Pies that contain perishable fillings (i.e. cream, cream cheese, egg, pudding, pumpkin, sweet potato or meat)
*Home canned/processed food items
*Dairy products such as milk or butter

Icings for cake must not be made with eggs or dairy products (i.e. milk or cream)
All baked items are required to be packaged in food grade plastic wraps or plastic bags. Cloth napkins and paper towels are not acceptable packaging.  Items are required to be pre-wrapped in the quantities in which they will be sold.
If cookies are to be sold individually, they should be wrapped individually.  Sales will be to parents/guardians or other adults only.

A clearly visible placard must be placed at the sales or service location that reads: Foods are prepared in a kitchen that is not inspected by a regulatory authority. The placard must also include: Parents and outside participants prepared the food for sale, which the Index School District has no control over. When purchasing goods, the buyer recognizes there may be risks and fully assumes the risks of harm that may arise.

Baked items should be labeled with name of person who prepared the items.


Your school’s Box Tops Coordinator will collect all the Box Tops and send them in so your school can get cash. Checks are mailed to schools twice a year in December and April.
Find Box Tops on hundreds of products >


Clip Box Tops from each package. Box Tops are each worth 10¢ for your school.

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