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Hello 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade families,

With the closure of Index School due to the covid 19 virus, I want to support and enable students to continue learning at home.  My primary goal during this time away from school is to keep students and families engaged so that there is not a regression in skills. This is an opportunity for parents and guardians to play a key role in helping your child stay focused and even deepen his or her understanding of some concepts. One strategy to use to keep your child engaged is to create a daily schedule that resembles a school day. The continuity a schedule brings to our students can assist in both their personal well-being and stress management during this unprecedented time that is likely filled with so many questions. Make sure that reading and writing are part of every day! A sample daily schedule is included in your weekly packet, as is a sample lesson checklist.

Each Thursday there will be a new packet of learning opportunities sent home, as well as an e-mail and an update to this class website.  It is not necessary to do everything included for each subject area each day. There is likely too much content for this to even be possible. Instead, I recommend that you edit the sample schedule and/or weekly check-off (also sent home in your packet) or develop your own plan for each day and week and make a commitment to setting up a learning plan for each day that you can adhere to. I have attempted to include several high-interest activities in each area to keep students’ minds thinking, working and problem-solving. The focus is to keep students active during this interim and stay sharp for the day they return to regular in-school classes.

I will be calling each family to speak with you in person each Monday. If you do not receive a call or have a message left by me, then please check your mailbox, as it may be full, or I was unable to leave a message for some other reason. During these weekly calls, my intent is to maintain a connection, check-in on how you and your child are doing, and find out how I can customize the weekly packets sent home specifically for you and your child.

  • Language Arts:  
    • After presenting their imaginary island projects, students have been challenged to write a narrative story that takes place on their imaginary islands.  Students will each have the opportunity to share their creative stories with the class once school resumes. Students have been learning the components of narrative stories, so this should be familiar to them.  Use the graphic organizer with a rubric on the back for narrative stories. Students should pre-write, create a rough draft, edit, revise, illustrate, and then publish (bind/staple into a book).
    • Keep reading! Students were able to choose books to check out from our classroom library to take home to read. You should have received an email allowing your child home access to Epic! which is an online literacy learning platform where students can search through a huge variety of books to read, and search specific topics of interest and reading level. Quizes can be taken on the books they read or listen to. If you did not receive this e-mail, I may have the wrong e-mail address for you, so please send me an email from the correct address and I’ll resend the link.
    • Grades 3-5, Free Scholastic articles: 
    • Raz-Kids is offering it’s program for free for the rest of the school year! Raz-Kids
    • Handwriting: packets for students to continue learning cursive are included.  Encourage your student to practice printing and typing as well!
  • Science: 
    • A paper science packet is sent home each Thursday..  
    • also has a wide variety of engaging lessons with videos and hands on activities that are free for you and your child to explore.
    • Explore the many options of Scholastic science articles here: 
  • Math: 
    • Kahn Academy is a great free resource that is available on-line that many students have been using here at school.  They may continue this learning at home, with video tutorials and practice problems at their grade level:
    • Have your student practice multiplication and division facts (3rd/4th grade).  Included are a few copies of the multiplication table for your child to fill out.  Have them only fill out the problems that they know quickly, and then make flash cards to practice with for the rest of the unknown multiplication facts.  After studying the flash cards, try filling out the multiplication table again and see how many more facts are remembered.
    • Work with money.  Included are some sheets that we have used in class (3rd grade).  Write an amount of money at the top, such as $3.68, and challenge your student to come up with multiple ways that they could gather that amount in coins.  Roll playing various scenarios with money is also great learning. How many types of scenarios can you think of that would challenge your child to answer with daily math problems? 
  • Art: Animal drawing guides are included in the Thursday packet, or check out:
  • Technology: 
  • STEM: 
  • Social Studies:
  • PE:

Below is a link to multiple free online resources that are also useful in a wide variety of subjects and grades:*so-rzykEs7jGsp0L573H-Q

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  I’ll be at school each Monday and working from home every weekday, so I’ll be checking email regularly.

I hope you all stay healthy and safe, and I look forward to getting back to classroom learning in person with each of your children as soon as possible!


Michelle Taylor

Phone (360)793-1330 E-mail Hours Mailing Address P.O. Box 237 Physical Address 436 Index Ave., Index, WA 98256
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