Ms. Michelle Taylor

Ms. Michelle Taylor


I grew up in the beautiful Skykomish Valley, and have always been drawn to the natural beauty of Index.  After being an Index Elementary parent on and off for several years, I am very happy to join as a teacher in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th split grade classroom.  

I received my Bachelors in Education in 2008, and after subbing briefly for Sultan Schools, began working in the Montessori program at Sky Valley Education Center in Monroe.  I embraced the Montessori philosophy of guiding each child at the level that he/she is at, and building a strong classroom community. I went on to complete my k-12 art endorsement, and taught a wide variety of classes in the Parent Partnership Program at SVEC, from Geography to Crime Scene Investigation, from Integrated Academy to a huge selection of k-12 art classes.  I led the arts program there, and especially loved integrating the arts into core subjects with classes like Scientific Art and Mathematical Art. All of my classes had split grade levels, and I loved working closely with parents to help their children thrive. I’m excited to continue to teach in a split grade classroom, work closely with parents, and lead a strong arts program to all grades in Index. 

Parents are each child’s first teacher.  You know your child better than anyone else, and I look forward to collaborating with each of you in helping your child to thrive.  Parent volunteers are always appreciated in the classroom, and I will do my best to continually keep you informed of what’s going on here and how you can support your child’s education.   I always welcome your questions and feedback.

In the first days and weeks of school, we will be establishing routines and classroom expectations so that your child always feels safe, knows what’s happening next, and can focus on enjoying engaging lessons and the process of discovery.  You will see a yellow folder with your child’s name coming home each day. Please open this folder each evening, check any correspondence you find there, and help your child with any work you find. Please read with your child every day! There is a reading log in the yellow folder to share with me what your child is reading/listening to at home.  We will be using the Eureka Math Curriculum, and you may find math work for your child to complete at home in the yellow folder. Please make sure that all work gets put back in the yellow folder and that the folder goes back to school each morning! 

Your child will be writing and reading every day in class, as well as engaging throughout each week with scientific experiments and projects, social studies projects, music lessons, PE, library and art lessons.  Though you may not often see work on these subjects going home in the yellow folder to work on and send back, please ask your child about what he/she is learning about in these subjects. Twice each month, I will post updates on the school website, send out e-mails, and send updates home in the yellow folder to keep you informed about what’s going on in class. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at


Phone (360)793-1330 E-mail Hours Mailing Address P.O. Box 237 Physical Address 436 Index Ave., Index, WA 98256
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