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What Inspires You?

Student Artwork

Is it art, music, writing, nature? Could it be a person you know or admire or even an idea that you like to think about? As we look to inspirational people in our lives, we must be sure to consider our own roles as beings who can inspire others, often in ways we cannot foresee! In the 5-6-7-8 class, this reflection may be apparent in our words and actions as we continue our quest as lifelong learners. We may find ourselves curious about any number of topics and wish to pursue them further. History is full of people who have taken steps to explore, question, and seek understanding. Ask yourself, “Can I be an instrument of inspiration to others?”

A Whole Lot of Reading Going On!

~Students and Families ~

Please watch for a continuous learning plan in every Thursday packet delivery. Expect to see a daily schedule that includes reading and language arts, writing, math, and science as well as interdisciplinary choice projects about topics of special interest to you. I will do my best to make expectations clear and uncomplicated. Also look for special opportunities for “outside of the box” experiences. I also welcome your ideas and value any feedback you would like to give.

Online Resources we are using include:

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